Manufacturer: Liebherr
Model: LTF 1060-4.1
Category: Mobile cranes
Prod year: 2020
Capacity: 60.000 KG
Hours: 4.500 H


Stock no.: P1675
Hours superstructure: 4.500 H
Engine superstructure: LH D 934 L A6
Transmission: Automat
Boom: 40 M
KM: 80000 KM
Hookblocks: 1x 3 Sheave
Extra: Make: Liebherr
Type: LTF 1060-4.1
Prod. Year: 2020
Capacity: 60.000 kg
Km: 80.000 km
Hours: 4.500 h
Main boom: 40 meter
Engine Superstructure: LH D 934 L A6
Transmission: Automat
Hookblocks: 1x 3 Sheave
Counterweight: 10.200 kg

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